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I’ve been asked to review the fine folks over at

One does not simply write a couple of words and have that be it with an industry leader like FanDuel. They have so many offerings to choose from to satisfy any sports fan. NFL football fans? They have you. NHL Fan? Got them too. NBA fan? Boy, do they ever have you covered. Fan of the beautiful game (soccer)? Absolutely. Love to watch men and women swing iron at balls? Got golf covered too. It’s simply all encompassing.

The idea started in a backyard in Texas in 2009. The five co-founders came up with the plan and brought it to the masses for the first time at the 2009 SXSW Interactive Festival. It was then and there that this group of fantasy pioneers decided that the fantasy world needed something new, and thus, daily fantasy sports at FanDuel was born.

The goal: a season-long game, but simplified. The money involved: actually real. 

At the Nation, we know that parting with hard earned cash in the pursuit of financial glory isn’t always easy. So I will set out to give you the best information I can get my hands on to show you just what your experience could be like if/when you decide to foray into the world that is daily fantasy sports with FanDuel. I will look at a variety of factors that you, the citizens of the Nation have told me are important to you. From functionality, to aesthetics and overall performance I will break down what you need to know about one of the largest and best daily fantasy sites in the world.

First off, allow me to show you how to become a part of the site/app for FanDuel so you to can follow along.

Head over to and sign-up. All you will need is an email, username, and password and you’re ready to place your line-ups in contests. If you sign up now, and use the free code included below, you will receive $15 on your next deposit thanks to the Nation.

Just enter the code Nation when you deposit and all will be good and great.

The folks over at FanDuel have also taken great lengths and effort to provide you with a free, easy to use app for download to

They also have an app for both iOS and Android that you can sign up for, and use with ease. The links for those are here:


 (Not yet available in Canada)

So, now that you’ve downloaded the app and are all signed up, following along should be easy peasy!

Ease of Access



Easy Of $ Retrieval



Diversity of Games

Ease of Access

If you’ve watched ESPN any time recently, picked up a Wall Street Journal, or generally haven’t walked around with your eyes closed through day-to-day life, you’ve seen FanDuel’s name somewhere. Since it’s inception in 2009, it has rapidly become the leader in daily fantasy offerings. So you absolutely know they stand behind their brand and can be trusted.

That’s no simple task. Creating a new fantasy sport from thin air takes time. For reference, the sport of yearly fantasy baseball started in 1980. A couple of sports writers and their friends started that in a french restaurant in New York City over 30 years ago, and it took this long for Fantasy Baseball to become a true part of sports culture. FanDuel did that in record time by comparison. Their site is crafted in such a way that you are introduced to the game of fantasy sports quickly. A quick scan and in the top right you will find a help section to walk you through the process of starting. Deposit buttons are available on each page. They accept credit card payment and/or paypal depositing with the promise to refund your entry fee on your first contest IF you don’t win. Free contests? Sign me up! A minimum of $10 is not the lowest in the industry, but is a great starting point for you.

Overall, FanDuel allows for easy starting up for new players or veterans alike. Accessing the site is easy and exciting to get going.


I give it 4.5 Nations out of 5.

Mobile App

If you want to play daily fantasy contests, being able to adjust your lineups is a must-have. Thanks to Fanduel, you are easily able to do this. They have created one of the best apps in the space for you to use. Signing up is the first step. If you have already, you can simply log in just as you do on the site. If not, the process is pretty much the same to sign up anew. Once that is complete you are immediately shown access to all of the sports and their contests you could want to add. That all awaits inside the Lobby tab. They have an Upcoming tab that houses all the oncoming contests you have ahead. Easy peasy way to adjust lineups here. They have a Live tab for your currently ongoing games. This is where you can check in on the progress of your winning lineups. A Friends tab that allows you to take care of your various leagues and check in for some bragging rights. Finally they give you Account tab to show you where your funds stand/where you can deposit/access to rules and regs. All the must have content in one place. 


I give the app 5 out of 5 Nations.  


With any investment, the ability to strategize is pretty much everything. Whether it’s your first time or you’re an expert with booklets of your own data, any tips and/or tricks can turn your FanDuel lineups from a bottom feeder in the final standings to a championship roster.

This is where I will take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to remind you that we have a DailyFaceoff team that will help you with all the need to know have tips for any and all of your NHL needs. Take a chance to click the image below and check it out.


And now, back to the show.

The folks over at Fanduel have compiled a database of break downs for you with tips and tricks for each sport, as well as a walk through of how to set and ready your lineups for each contest in every sport they offer here.

NFL: They provide you with a breakdown of the roster needs for each contest, as well as five tips to look for when picking players to roster.
: Once again giving you a roster breakdown for each contest (as well as salary cap), and four tips for NBA lineup selection.
: Four, count ’em, four tips on what to do when picking players, as well as the breakdown of the roster makeup.
: They update you with the new changes to NHL rosters (they listened to their fans) and also still include the usual lineup breakdown and tips for how to break daily fantasy wide open.
: FanDuel provides you with a really comprehensive look at fantasy soccer (a newer sport to a lot of folks from across the pond) as well as the tips and tricks.
: In this guide they have the similar breakdown as the others with roster requirements, cap numbers and a few tips and tricks for MLB lineups.
: New players and vets alike will need to check this one out. They have a break down of the new golf format offered by FanDuel as well as the normal tips to look for in your pursuit of fantasy golf supremacy.

New, old or just confused, the fine folks over at FanDuel have you covered.


I give it 4 Nations out of 5

Ease of Retrieval of Money

One of the first questions I am always asked when I bring daily fantasy to the masses is how painful is the process to get your winnings back. That’s completely understandable. Unfortunately people who have come before FanDuel, mostly old sports-books, have given fantasy gaming a bad name. Luckily with FanDuel, they recognize this and they have made this process as painless and official as can be.

What you will do with FanDuel is have to first provide some information that proves that you are who you say you are. They will be asking some personal information but rest assured, the site knows this seems like a bit of work but as they explain:

“Just the rules of the game. This quick, one-step process confirms you’re eligible to play. Please note, prior to withdrawing money, you will additionally be required to provide your US Social Security Number or Canadian Social Insurance Number in order to issue your annual tax form (when net winnings exceed $600 for the calendar year).”

After you verify your hard earned money is going to you, providing them with either a paypal account or an address to send you a cheque. It’s not as simple as other site, it is absolutely secure and layered with protections for you, the most important person in this exchange.

A list of the full rules/setup of withdrawing can be found here.

When it comes to getting your money back from your hard earned winnings.


I give the ease of retrieval of money 4 Nations out of 5.


A full list of all the rules and procedures can be found here –

I know looking at a long list of different rules and settings is a lot to ask. That said, for any player of any fantasy game whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or season long, can tell you, knowing the rules of the games you are playing are incredibly important. Knowing what happens when a game is postponed due to inclement weather or knowing the rules around a double-header game in baseball (it’s one game only) will affect how you play the game and in the end, how you win.

If I could give FanDuels more than 5, I honestly would. The way they display the rules makes it so easy to find exactly the ruling you are in search of in seconds.


I give the rules 5 Nations out of 5.

The Rake

Some more real talk here, like above for the rules, is required. For FanDuel to continue to bring you the industry standard in fantasy contests, they need money. Pretty simple, we all can relate to that. In saying that, FanDuel achieves this goal by including what is called “The Rake” in each contest that their site hosts. What that is is a small percentage of the total winnings of the contest for themselves. It varies with each sport, and the size of contest.

Websites make money, they need to make money. A website like DraftKings is a website just the same. The ability to bring you fantasy gaming depends on it. The way they do is is called “The Rake”.  Each contest, depending on a varying number of factors, has a small percentage of the total prize going back Draftkings. This is understandable. Everyone has to make money. There has been a push from the smaller fantasy sites to undercut this, but honestly, the trust of the big two is worth it to me. Anywhere from 10 per cent on smaller buy-in contests, down to 5 per cent on the larger ones.

Not awesome to hear that your winnings could be lowered, but the reality is FanDuel has to make money and so we take the good with the not so good.


I give the rake 4 Nations out of 5.

Types of Contest

There is many different styles of contest available for you to play with.

Beginner 50/50s:

In this format, the top half of the contest will win money. That’s every single player of the contest in the top half of the group taking something home. A GREAT way to start out for your first contest. 

Beginner Double Ups:

The easiest way to make your cash explode. A double up contest pays out double your entry fee. Not as many winners as the previously mentioned 50/50 contest, but you’re winning more. 

Beginner Tournaments:

A starter tournament to show you how the bigger contests will go. They feature higher payouts, but you’re also going up against the masses in these ones. Enter if you dare, win huge if you do. 

50/50 contests

If you’re better than half of the contest, you win.

Just. That. Easy. 

Head-to-Heads (H2H)

Two players enter. One emerges victorious with all the cash. 

Multiplier contests

You pick the stakes, you decide whether you want to risk it for more in multiples. 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x of your money. 


These tend to be large in entries and even larger in prize. The odds of winning are lower, but the payouts some of the biggest going. 

Satellites & Qualifiers

These are your tickets to the big contests. Win one of these and you’re amongst the elite of said contest. 

Three to 100 people. 

These are the ones you get really decide your level of competition, opponents and style. Go crazy, or play it close to the chest. 

If that’s not selection, I don’t know what is. Three different introductory offerings to get you started, with miles of different entries for veterans of the game. There truly is something for everyone.


I give the selection of game type 5 Nations out of 5.

I hope you found this review enjoyable and informative. If you have any questions, the fine folks over at have a great support team to help you out from start to winning. May the fantasy sports ever be in your favour. 

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