September 29th, 2009

NHL Contest on Twitter

Just a quick shoutout to an article posted on Mashable, for those who missed it. Basically, the NHL has a contest running on Twitter for anyone to pick their 15 teams to win on Saturday, October 3, ... Continue reading →’s Keeper League Player Rankings

Welcome to the inaugural Keeper League Player Rankings. These rankings are based on a long-term league (at least five years) with standard scoring settings. The main factors that I consider are past production, age, position, ... Continue reading →

Schremp on Waivers, Isles to Claim?

TSN’s Bob McKenzie is reporting that the New York Islanders are putting in a waiver claim on Rob Schremp in an attempt to acquire one of the more dynamic players in the game.  Schremp ... Continue reading →

Daily Faceoff Fantasy League: Dup’s Troops

I thought I’d take this opportunity to pay tribute to the Dup’s Troops team of 2007-08.  The team, seen above, finished the regular season atop league standings, a remarkable feat, yet failed to ... Continue reading →

Daily Faceoff Fantasy League: The Pink Chanther

I’m not one to auto draft but then again I’ve never been known to have a good memory either. On a completely unrelated note The Pink Chanther has fallen victim to the ever ... Continue reading →

Daily Faceoff Fantasy League: Boyes 22 Men

With a player like Brad Boyes, how do you not name the team Boyes 22 Men? Not that a fancy name’s going to help the somewhat-thinner goaltending of Backstrom/Huet/Vokoun when stacked up against ... Continue reading →

Daily Faceoff Fantasy League: Honey Nut Chelios

Round 1, #3 overall: Sidney Crosby – You can’t go wrong with Sid the Kid after Ovechkin and Malkin are off the board. No brainer here. Round 2: Zach Parise – Parise basically fell into my lap.  I was ... Continue reading →

Daily Faceoff Fantasy League: Campbell Conference

I would officially like to welcome Captain Roberto Luongo (it is ok to do that now because he is a captain in real life) to introduce the players of the inaugural Campbell Conference team. Roberto : ... Continue reading →

Daily Faceoff Fantasy League

Like any respectable fantasy sports website, Daily Faceoff has created a rotisserie league consisting of the writers of the site.  We held our inaugural draft last night, and would like to present our results.  First, ... Continue reading →