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Emery re-signs; will push Crawford next year

This afternoon, Ray Emery signed a one-year extension with the Chicago Blackhawks according to Tracey Myers of CSN Chicago, via Twitter. The backup netminder will reportedly make $1.15 million next season. Emery, like counterpart Corey Crawford, ... Continue reading →

Join the Second Annual Daily Faceoff Playoff Pool

Today is the last day of the regular season, but that doesn’t mean you are done with fantasy hockey. The great people at HockeyDraft.ca will fill your every need with the Second Annual ... Continue reading →

Dropping the Gloves: Stealing the Postseason

Dropping the Gloves is a new series in which Cameron Chase and Alexander Monaghan share their weekly thoughts on fantasy hockey via email. The main purpose of the article is to entertain so keep in ... Continue reading →

Florida Panthers: When a Cinderella story peaks

The Florida Panthers have been one of the best stories in hockey. Expected to miss the playoffs for the 11th consecutive season, only one pundit, Harvey ‘Homer Harvey’ Fialkov of The Sun-Sentinel, thought the Cats ... Continue reading →

Crashing the Net: Top Waiver Players of 2012

Welcome to this week’s edition of Crashing the Net. For this last week of the season we’re going to take a look at the top five players that you could’ve added to ... Continue reading →

2011-12 Fantasy Hockey Disappointments

Every year there is a guy (or 10) that utterly and completely fails to live up to expectations.  Sometimes it is because expectations are too high, and other time, they just stink. Let’s take a ... Continue reading →