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Blake Geoffrion Retires/Corey Perry Likely Suspended

Sad news in the hockey world today, as 25 year old Montreal Canadiens forward Blake Geoffrion (grandson of Boom Boom) announced his retirement from hockey. Geoffrion suffered a fractured skull last November after being leveled by ... Continue reading →

Starting Goalie Career Stats

As many of you have noticed and commented on, we have stopped posting goaltenders career statistics versus their opponent when we confirm them. There are two very simple explanation for this: 1) Fantasy managers should not ... Continue reading →

Top Candidates for an NHL CBA Buyout

The latest proposal sent by the NHL to the NHLPA over the holiday break included among other concessions a contract length restriction, salary variances, and CBA length but it also included a provision where teams ... Continue reading →

Dropping the Gloves: Stealing the Postseason

Dropping the Gloves is a new series in which Cameron Chase and Alexander Monaghan share their weekly thoughts on fantasy hockey via email. The main purpose of the article is to entertain so keep in ... Continue reading →

Crashing the Net: Top Waiver Players of 2012

Welcome to this week’s edition of Crashing the Net. For this last week of the season we’re going to take a look at the top five players that you could’ve added to ... Continue reading →

2011-12 Fantasy Hockey Disappointments

Every year there is a guy (or 10) that utterly and completely fails to live up to expectations.  Sometimes it is because expectations are too high, and other time, they just stink. Let’s take a ... Continue reading →

Fantasy or Fiction: Holding Players Accountable in Toronto

Hats off to Toronto sports anchor/reporter Lance Brown, who went down to Maple Leafs practice earlier this week to personally call the players out for their futility over the past two months. Since February 6... Continue reading →

Fantasy or Fiction: The End of the Line for Brodeur?

Three goals against on 17 shots. Another three allowed – on three attempts – in the shootout. The end result – a 4-3 loss to the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs on home ice Friday night. Welcome to Martin Brodeur’... Continue reading →

Will Karlsson Follow the Dark Road of Green, Doughty and Phaneuf?

I think it’s fair to say that the fantasy steal of the year is Ottawa Senators defenceman Erik Karlsson. Anyone who says otherwise is probably drunk. In Yahoo! leagues, Karlsson had an ADP of 87.4, ... Continue reading →

Fantasy or Fiction: The “Day-to-Day” Dilemma

It’s not just the flu that’s going around now. The injury bug is proving to be just as contagious in the NHL this March, with the list of players listed as out day-to-day ... Continue reading →