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How To: Identify a Player’s Injury

Today we discuss the second part to our installment from last week that begged the question, so how do you survive injuries?  Now no one in their right mind can see injuries before they happen ... Continue reading →

High-Paid Defenceman: Fantasy Stud or Waste of a Draft Pick?

I was browsing the free agent list on one of my fantasy leagues the other day and could not believe the number of high-paid defenceman available.  Now just because a player (especially defenceman)  doesn’t ... Continue reading →

How to Survive Fantasy Hockey Injuries

They happen every year.  It is the scariest thing for any fantasy hockey GM to ever see.  Their key player has just gone down with a significant injury for “X” amount of time.  Everyone hears ... Continue reading →

A Hockey Contrarian

This post was written by one of the journalists at WorkingShirt.com, an online magazine for commentary, news and entertainment, who also happens to be a DailyFaceoff.com fan. A hockey contrarian?  What the hell?  ... Continue reading →

Some Big Names Drop off the Board in the Latest Big 50.

Some big names have struggled in recent weeks, putting their spots on the Big 50 in jeopardy.  Click here to find out if the likes of Kovalchuk, Nash, Gaborik and Spezza have stuck around. Continue reading →

The Big 50 Is Back

Click the Player Rankings tab at the top of the page or use this link. Continue reading →

The Biggest Fantasy Disappointments Thus Far

Every season there are guys who get off to slow starts, and you curse yourself for picking them in your draft, or holding on to them while all the hot starters get snapped up from ... Continue reading →

Does Shawn Horcoff Have Fantasy Value?

I ask this not because I think the new Oilers captain has the natural skill of most of the guys you will find on your fantasy lineup.  In fact, he is simply a grinder who ... Continue reading →

The Calgary Flames Are Killing NHL Tradition

How you ask? By allowing rookie TJ Brodie to take the number 66. The Calgary Flames are a Canadian team, so you think they’d know better. You’d think they’d care about tradition and ... Continue reading →

This is Why You Shouldn’t Draft Henrik Sedin

Henrik Sedin has been a hot pick in fantasy drafts this year.  In Yahoo! Leagues, he is on average the 5th player off the board and has an Average Draft Position of 6.2.  Despite the fact ... Continue reading →