Computer Picks: 10/03/2010—Spring Break

Updated: March 10, 2010 at 4:27 pm by Jeff Tay

All right, so it has been one or two years since I’ve even stepped foot on a university campus, but it is March, the weather is beautiful outside, and it’s become very difficult for me to want to spend any time in front of the computer. It is time for me to go on Spring Break (didn’t I just get back from Winter Break?).

Sure enough, I will be spending a lot more time out of the house in the upcoming week or two (not that hard to do), which means less time or no time at all to operate the clumsy Computer Picks system (dang system overhaul has been a headache to work with). As such, don’t hold your breath for any Computer Picks to appear here over the next few days.

However, do keep an eye out for a possible new daily picks section, which could debut in about a week’s time (maybe two weeks). It could feature analysis and picks from multiple columnists, in a sort of panel discussion format (we’re still working out the details). Hopefully, it will be the start of a great collaborative synergy that will lead to plenty of success in the pockets. Stay tuned.

(Enough text in the brackets today?)

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Today’s Plays: All right, it’s getting pretty late in the day, I better just spit out the picks—LAK/CHI over 5.5, and maybe PHX moneyline.

At one point in the season, both Chicago and LA were making headlines with how good they were playing defensively, but this hasn’t been the case over the last little while. Meanwhile, the goals have been coming fast and furious for these two teams, and especially for Chicago.

Andrew Raycroft will actually get the start tonight for Vancouver, which gives Phoenix an added advantage on top of the fact that Vancouver will be playing back-to-back in the last game of their road trip, right after a huge comeback victory against division rival Colorado. The danger with taking Phoenix here, however, will be the fact that no lead appears to be safe anymore when playing against the Canucks. Vancouver’s comeback ability has been scary.

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