DailyFaceoff Podcast: Season 4, Episode 16 – 💯‼️

Updated: December 31, 2018 at 8:57 am by Dylan Berthiaume


Brock, Dylan, and Beebs have somehow made it to Episode 100! The boys have a little bit of fun this week and play a few games. The first is Over/Under where they make a case for player’s cracking some impressive plateaus. Second is a “Who am I” segment where Dylan and Beebs try to figure out the name of a player based on a number of clues. After the break they take a long look at the NHL Standings and pick who they have making the playoffs in a few months.

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Dylan Berthiaume

Dylan has been an Associate Editor of DailyFaceoff since 2018 and a co-host of the DFO Podcast since 2015.
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