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Everyone knows someone who has played fantasy sports before. Heck, I feel like we’re heading to a world where it’s weird if you haven’t played some sort of fantasy sport. But who has the time for a year-long commitment to a roster of 8 to 10 players that will undoubtedly go into slumps, and Gord forbid, have the dreaded season ending injury?

Fear not fellow players, DraftKings are here to help you out.

A completely free sign-up will allow you to join this revolutionary method of playing fantasy sports.

Gone are the days of having to set a stale lineup of players you were in love with last week but have fallen from grace since then. Now with DraftKings, you can easily set up, join, and play in daily and weekly fantasy pools. The pools are salary capped so as to provide you with the much more exciting ability to create a cost-effective lineup.

For our purposes, we will be focusing mainly on what kind of experience DraftKing’s NHL fantasy will bring you. But if you’re a fan of other sports as well, fear not, they have you covered. With games for your NFLMLBCFLGOLFMMANASCARWNBA and yes, even games for League of Legends. You will have to head over to DraftKings.com and check out their full offerings.

So, I’ve signed up, now what do I do?

First things first, for your own good, you should just go ahead and download the app for either iOS or Android devices. When it comes to apps, these are some of the nicest and cleanest applications you will ever download. The ease of access and usage is beyond words and description. You need to download them and see what is available to you, at your finger tips, any time of day you want. 



The simple to use app is free to download and will allow you join, set and change your lineups before each and every game your players play in. It gives you the freedom to make changes. Add entries to pools. And even just the comfort of watching your lineups rack the points up for you from the comfort of your local drinking establishment, child’s recital, or canoe in the middle of the back country.

To get us started off on DraftKings, you need to first sign up to the site. A name, username, email that works, and a password will have you ready to be winning that sweet sweet fantasy money in no time. After you sign up, you will be given the option to add some funds to your account. I suggest you do, doesn’t matter the amount.


raftkings has one of the lowest point of entry marks at $5, which is just plain awesome. (Honestly, if you do sign up and don’t deposit right away, that’s fine. Make sure you look for free play contests offered all over the world. They are free to play and it will save you the time of signing up when you hear about them) Easy way for you to get one contest going. But I bet you can’t just play just one!

Once you have, you’ll be entering the wide world that is DraftKings contests. You’ll be able to jump into any contests your heart desires.


When it comes to joining up for a contest, a couple of things to look for:

Total Prize – This is the total payout for the contest. (If you click on the dollar value you will see the prize breakdown)
Entry fee – This is pretty self explanatory It’s the cost to you and the others in the contest, if it runs, to play the game.
Entries – This is showing you how many people have joined/how many people can join. The more people, the more money, but fewer chances to win, of course.
Live – This is when the contest starts up live. Something to check for in the rules of the game is whether the rules of the specific contest allow for late, or non-late swaps. In the case of non-late swaps, this time is when you absolutely have to have your lineups set.

And lets talk about line-ups for a minute.

When it comes to hockey, the lineups consist of a pretty standard breakdown. They will consist of 9 total players, and of those, the non-goalies must be from at least 3 different NHL teams. This just simply means that you can’t just pick on the best match-ups and dress all the players that will have a POINT NIGHT in one game.











That process of adding players will look like this…


Picking from a list of players available for the games either for the night or a week, depending on the set-up of your league. Always being aware of salary cap issues (like the real teams of course). The difference from real life to this fantasy is that DraftKings assigns a dollar value to each player on a scale, depending on many different factors. Health, streaky stretches, etc. all play into it, so knowing the climate of the league is paramount. Finding the best point per dollar value is going to help out.

Points you say? Well there is a break down for those too.



+3 PTS


+2 PTS


+0.5 PTS


+0.5 PTS


+1 PT


+0.2 PTS


+1.5 PTS



+3 PTS


+0.2 PTS


-1 PT


+2 PTS

Simply put, the goal of daily/weekly fantasy is to outscore your opponents within the timeline of your challenge. Your players will accumulate points through their games with their individual teams, and those points will be credited to your team(s) too.

Here’s an example of what you will see after your players are done for the night.


Those final totals you see there will be added up and put up against your whole pool.  Be that a small group of your friends, or a large contingent of players in the daily contests that are put on.

Opponents you say?

Yes indeedy. There are many ways for you to interact with as many people, or as few people as you’d like. There are daily contests under each sport that run with a whole pile of different number of allowed entries and players. As well, they run the gambit of different buy in values, ranging from free up to $1,000+. It gives you flexibility, and changes of pace from the ho-hum 20 dollar year long pools you’re used to.

Imagine the bragging rights available to you after winning a 10,000 entry pool?


I almost guarantee I’d be breaking that out until I turn 102.

If you’ve taken the time to read through this, and are thinking.. huh, I like the sound of this. Well does Daily Faceoff have the deal for you. We have a promo code offered to only members of the and Daily Faceoff would love to share it with you.

When it comes to using a promo code, the steps are really simple. After you’ve signed up (take a look up top of this page for that process) you will be looking for a spot to enter it in. The folks over at DraftKings have created some of the best offers the daily fantasy space has ever seen. I have no doubt you by now have seen a code somewhere. An ad in-between games, a website click, no matter where you look, codes are to be found. When you have the code in hand, you take it over to DraftKings and they will bring you extra deposit cash on top of your own deposit. As well, as an added thank you for being a friend of DraftKings, you’ll recieve a free ticket worth $3 to play in any $3 dollar featured contest. Free money? Yes please. 

I have no doubt that some of you are looking at this and thinking, but I have no real idea where to start with Fantasy hockey. Well, does the Nation Network ever let you down. If you’re not aware, haven’t looked further right than your own Nation yet, or just haven’t yet cared to look, we include your one stop shop for daily fantasy information.

Since 2014, Dailyfaceoff.com has been your go to site for all the need to know information regarding your daily fantasy needs, as well as all your regular fantasy needs. Who to look for on the waiver wire, or who is in a pristine matchup? You can find it all at DailyFaceoff.com.

When it comes to promotions, as you can tell, a running theme is continuing here. The guys and gals over at DraftKings are one of the industry leaders when it comes to promotions. No hockey content right now boys and girls. But for now here are some of the beautiful shots they have available for you or are currently running:

MLB Fantasy Baseball Bracket Madness — Starting on July 19th they run Qualifiers for a fantasy baseball tournament. Although it is running now, you are still able to get in on the fun! Sign up now, and take a shot. Top Prize: $100,000

King of San Francisco — Running now, they have a competition to win a trip to San Fran to play DraftKings live against 11 other opponents. Top Prize: $20,000

2017 Fantasy Baseball World Championships — Taking qualifiers currently, this is a contest that will determine who the greatest 125 daily fantasy baseball stars are and have them duke it out for world supremecy. Top Prize: $500,000

King of the Thunderdome — A contest qualifying now, where you will be playing head-to-head against other player to be crowned King of the Thunderdome. Top Prize: $25,000 and a free entry into the next contest. 

Weekend Warrior of Golf — A contest in which you had the chance to play some weekend golf daily fantasy style to win a chance to play for all the marbles during the Northern Trust Open on Saturday August 26. Top Prize: $15,000

These and many more promotions are available to you over at DraftKings. com. Constantly updating, constant chances for you to win 10’s of 100’s of thousands of dollars.

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