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Line Matching will typically be posted in the early afternoon (EST) once most teams have wrapped up their morning skates. Line Matching for afternoon games (on weekends) will be posted in the morning prior to puck-drop. Line Matching will be offered for FREE until Friday, October 5 before it is locked for DFO Premium Members Only. 

This post looks at which teams will have an advantage at 5v5. It looks at which lines the home-team will try and match-up against and which line could have an edge. It does not take power-play or goaltending into consideration. 


  • All totals are per 60 minutes of 5v5 ice time.
  • SCF/SCA- Scoring chances for and against
  • CF/CA – Corsi for and against
  • HDCF/HDCA – High-danger Chances for and against


  • Which lines the Home team is expected to be matched up against.


1️⃣ – Indicates PP1 Usage
2️⃣ – Indicates PP2 Usage

Carolina Hurricanes @ Columbus Blue Jackets



CBJ1 vs CAR1: Slight CBJ1
Tortorella doesn’t line match.
LW M. Ferland 2️⃣ LW A. Panarin 1️⃣
C S. Aho 1️⃣ C P-L. Dubois 1️⃣
RW T. Teravainen 1️⃣ RW C. Atkinson 1️⃣
CBJ1 vs CAR2: Slight CBJ1
Sample: 733:46 TOI (Aho & Teravainen) Sample: 350:52 TOI
OFF: 62 CF, 29 SCF, 13 HDCF OFF: 69 CF, 36 SCF, 14 HDCF
CBJ1 vs CAR3: N/A
DEF: 47 CA, 22 SCA, 11 HDCA DEF: 55 CA, 27 SCA, 12 HDCA
CBJ2 vs CAR1: Even
Tortorella doesn’t line match.
LW W. Foegele LW N. Foligno 1️⃣
C J. Staal 1️⃣ C A. Wennberg 2️⃣
RW J. Williams 2️⃣ RW O. Bjorkstand 2️⃣
CBJ2 vs CAR2: Even
Sample: 284:31 TOI (Staal & Williams) Sample: 109:07 TOI
OFF: 68 CF, 32 SCF, 12 HDCF OFF: 82 CF, 36 SCF, 16 HDCF
CBJ2 vs CAR3: N/A
DEF: 53 CA, 23 SCA, 8 HDCA DEF: 49 CA, 24 SCA, 12 HDCA
CBJ3 vs CAR1: CAR1
Tortorella doesn’t line match.
LW B. McGinn LW B. Jenner 2️⃣
C M. Necas 2️⃣ C B. Dubinsky
RW A. Svechnikov 2️⃣ RW J. Anderson
CBJ3 vs CAR2: CAR2
Sample: No Sample-Svechnikov and Necas are both rookies Sample: 88:07 TOI
OFF: N/A OFF: 66 CF, 33 SCF, 14 HDCF
CBJ3 vs CAR3: N/A
DEF: N/A DEF: 69 CA, 29 SCA, 13 HDCA

Analysis: We got a pair of teams travelling on the tail end of a back-to-back to start the season. Of course, Torts doesn’t line match consistently so we should see an array of matchups in this one. Both top-6s are used to running the show at 5v5, so it should be a pretty even matchup in that regard. The skill of CBJ1 gives them the slight edge in both matchups, and you gotta love Panarin and company going against whatever goalie the Hurricanes throw between the pipes tonight. A full CBJ powerplay stack is a solid play on tonight’s small slate.

San Jose Sharks @ Los Angeles Kings



Slight LAK1
Hard match
LW T. Meier 2️⃣ LW A. Iafallo
C J. Thornton 2️⃣ C A. Kopitar 1️⃣
RW J. Pavelski 1️⃣ RW I. Kovalchuk 1️⃣
Sample: 233:28 TOI Sample: 806:58 TOI (Kopitar & Iafallo)
OFF: 66 CF, 28 SCF, 10 HDCF OFF: 57 CF, 26 SCF, 11 HDCF
DEF: 57 CA, 28 SCA, 14 HDCA DEF: 52 CA, 25 SCA, 11 HDCA
LAK2 vs SJS2: Slight SJS2
LAK2 split 60/40 against SJS2/3
LW T. Hertl 1️⃣ LW T. Pearson 2️⃣
C Couture 1️⃣ C J. Carter 2️⃣
RW K. Labanc 2️⃣ RW T. Toffoli 2️⃣
Sample: 236:49 TOI Sample: 108:40 TOI
LAK2 vs. SJS3: N/A
OFF: 70 CF, 29 SCF, 10 HDCF OFF: 59 CF, 31 SCF, 12 HDCF
DEF: 53 CA, 22 SCA, 8 HDCA DEF: 53 CA, 28 SCA, 11 HDCA
LAK3 vs SJS2: SJS 2
LAK3 split 60/40 against SJS3/2
LW E. Kane 2️⃣ LW A. Wagner
C A. Suomela C A. Kempe 1️⃣
RW J. Donskoi RW T. Lewis
Sample: No Sample Sample: 221:22 TOI (Kempe & Lewis)
LAK3 vs. SJS3: N/A
OFF: N/A OFF: 54 CF, 27 SCF, 9 HDCF
DEF: N/A DEF: 59 CA, 28 SCA, 12 HDCA

Analysis: The Kopitar line usually hard-matches against the opposition’s top line at home, so expect him to go head-to-head with Pavelski and Thornton tonight. Kovalchuk should provide a boost to Kopitar and Iafallo’s numbers from a year ago. Iafallo was a non-factor last year and doesn’t need to be included in your LAK1 stacks. SJS2 draws a pair of favourable matchups against the Kings’ second and third lines. They are the line to target tonight if you’re looking to play San Jose.

Suggested Stacks

  1. 1. CBJ1
    2. SJS2
    3. LAK1
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