The Cheat Sheet: April 16th, 2011

Updated: April 16, 2011 at 3:19 am by Jeff Tay

Gather around hockey fans and devoted gamblers, the playoffs are here, and there’s money to be made. While most fans this time of year are looking at the games through “fan goggles”, and betting on their favorite teams, we’ll try to see things from a balanced perspective, and find value where there’s misconception. Today on the docket: 4 games, sorted into Gold picks, Silver Picks, Bronze Picks, and black lumps of coal.

Let’s see how today’s numbers break down, using the trusty database-recall system.

Saturday’s Sheet:

– This will be the last edition of the Cheat Sheet on Dailyfaceoff this season. As there are less and less games on a daily basis it will become more and more difficult to find quality bets, so instead of posting questionable betting advice here and sullying the name of Dailyfaceoff, I’ve decided to move the daily posts over to the Facebook page instead ( That way,Β I can drag my own name down without sinking Dailyfaceoff with me.

– Of course, I’ll try my best to give good advice as well. It’s just that a lot of the NHL winners lately have been of the “I would have taken them if they were at a slightly better price” variety. Looks like the oddsmakers have had a slightly better read on the games lately than I have.

Agree with the Gold pick? Disagree with it? See a betting line on the board that seems wrong? You know what to do (fill up the comment section).

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