Top universities for student athletics in the UK

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Great Britain is well known for its quality of education. For hundreds of years, British universities have been considered among the best in the world, and modern universities are ranked by the best universities in the world every year. This makes the UK  a very popular educational destination and attracts thousands of international students every year.

Everyone wants an excellent education at the best universities in Great Britain, but there is more to be taken into account for choosing one than its overall ranking, or who on campus can do good lab report writing. One student might want a good lab report writing service. For others, having a good sports program is what keeps them in shape and where they form relationships, while they still can become good EduBirdie lab report writers!

So, here are the best universities in the United Kingdom for athletics:

The University of Bath

Bath has lots of money into their programs to the point that students have said that theirs’s is second to none. Their facilities are of such great reputation that they hosted teams for the 2012 Olympics. Students will probably consider it difficult to find the time to write a lab report here!

The University of Bath was among the first to make sports scholarships available to its students in the UK. One recipient was the winner of a silver medal in the 2012 Olympics. This university’s team rankings by place included:

2014 – men’s fourth

2015 – women’s fourth and men’s fifth

2016 – women’s fourth and men’s fifth

The University of Birmingham

This one has had recent sports success with man’s and women’s cross country championships in the 2015 BUCS Cross Country. They won the gold for the sixty metre, eight hundred metre, fifteen hundred metre, five-kilometer, and ten-kilometer categories. The University of Birmingham held third place for combined team scores in outdoor athletics in both 2014 and 2016.

Their rankings by place include:

2014 – Women’s third and men’s third

2015 – Men’s third

2016 – Women’s third and men’s third 

The Brunel University

This post-secondary institution has also done well at the BUCS Championships over the years, boasting a number of international awards in the last decade. Among those honours was the 2016 National Intervarsity Challenge for both the men’s and women’s teams.

Their respective rankings include:

2014 – Women’s fourth and men’s fourth

2015 – Women’s second and men’s fourth

2016 – Women’s fifth

The Cardiff Metropolitan University

The Cardiff Metropolitan is home to the National Indoor Athletics Centre. This prestigious establishment researches high performance in sports. It’s more likely that students will see people writing a complex sports report here! This university does quite well when it comes to javelin, racing, shot put, and triple jump. It gained 2nd position in combined team scores at the BUCS Championships.

The Cardiff Metropolitan University’s rankings are as follows:

2014 – women’s third

2015 – women’s fifth and men’s second

2016 – women’s second and men’s second 

The University of Loughborough University

Considered as the best uni for sports, the University of Loughborough’s athletics are legendary for the extraordinary amount of sports activities to engage in. They are also known for producing some of the best graduates in sports and usually come out at the top of the BUCS tables. Former alumni of this school include Sebastian Coe, Tanni Grey-Thomspon, and Paula Radcliffe.

Among the most noteworthy aspects of this university’s sports performance are that at the 2012 Olympics. Thirteen medals were won by former Loughborough students. They also won 35 medals in the Commonwealth Games.

Loughborough’s rankings include:

2014 – women’s first and men’s first

2015 – women’s first and men’s first

2016 – women’s first and men’s first

St Mary’s University, Twickenham

This university is well known in the athletic circuit, having fifteen of its former students compete in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. This university has more than twenty-five sports clubs to join!

Former alumni include Andrew Osagie, who studied Sports Science and Mo Forah, who trained at its Endurance Performing and Coaching Centre.

Former rankings include:

2014 – women’s seventh

2015 – women’s third

The University of Stirling

This is much loved by its students and also boasts several sporting clubs to join. This is also one of the few universities that cover the basics costs for taking part in athletics. Help and Service for its students are important here.

Being a student doesn’t always include assignment sufferings and tough deadlines. It’s also about having a good time with memorable experiences. Apart from parties that you can see in some famous comedies, this includes sports achievements. By enrolling to the academic establishment known for its support of the student’s sports ambitions, one has some additional opportunities to succeed in the future!