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Updated: January 26, 2010 at 9:38 am by Stuart Thursby

Peca Retires

Picking up where Curtis Joseph left off, Michael Peca has retired from the NHL after 13 seasons in the league. It actually surprised me to find out that Peca has only been around for 13 years, as when I first started watching hockey 11 years ago, he was already a name to reckon with in Buffalo. Pugnacious, truculent and belligerent — yet apparently a nice guy off the ice — he would have fit in perfectly under Burke in Toronto! Unfortunately for him, though, events (such as playing for Toronto, Columbus and the Islanders) transpired to keep Peca from winning a Cup over his career. It’s tough to play the way he does and not break down sooner, so I guess making it to 35 years old after 13 years isn’t bad. Story link.

Captain Staal

The first of the Staal captains was announced last week as trailblazer Eric was awarded the captaincy in Carolina, taking the C from Rod Brind’Amour. Not exactly a show-stopping piece of news — it’s been inevitable since draft day 2003 — but seeing how I completely missed the boat in Ovechkin’s captaincy announcement, I had to put something here. So here it is: by 2015, each of the Staals will be a captain in the NHL. Huzzah. Story link.

Kelley Nails It Again

Short and sweet — like sometimes — Jim Kelley has a four-point plan to reduce head shots in the game at all levels. Seeing how the NHL is as efficient as the Canadian government when it comes to implementing things which either a) it didn’t come up with or b) the public wants (rarely are the two one and the same), I doubt this will go anywhere, but I like to think that the parade of head injuries which have blotted hockey’s history — seemingly moreso this season across the junior and professional levels — will have some effect on the tin-eared execs in the big house. Story link.

Jean Bealiveau

In sadder news, Montreal Canadians legend Jean Bealiveau is recovering in hospital from a stroke suffered last Wednesday. My thoughts go out to the Bealiveau clan. Story link.

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