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Updated: March 16, 2010 at 11:33 am by Stuart Thursby

Thank. God. The Anointed One’s missing gear has been found, having been curiously “misplaced” post-Gold Medal game. Let the NHL grind resume anew with that crucial bit of business out of the way.

Chelly’s Back In Town

Well doggone, he’s done gone and done it. 48-year-old Chris Chelios — likely in the same age bracket as the parents of most of those reading and writing for this website — has suited up for the Atlanta Thrashers. While his days of Cup-winning Glory seem to be behind him — barring a resurgence from the Thrashers as miraculous as Phoenix’s rise from the ashes in the desert (or Colorado’s from the mountains, for that matter — it’s still something to see someone more than twice the age of the two best players in the league still suiting them up, 1647 games later. Rock on, Chelly.

Head Shots Shut Down

Well, theoretically. Seeing how the NHL is “theoretically” serious about safety and is “theoretically” a league which can be taken seriously by players and fans alike, it’s a bit of a reach to expect the results of last week’s GM meetings to have any real legislative effect. However, if things continue as they did the past few nights — in the Saturday night Toronto game in particular — where players tone it down themselves knowing that repercussions may be likely, then it can be considered a win, enforced rulings or not. However, seeing how the possibility of that trend continuing is as likely as a full season from Marc Savard, I’m not getting my hopes up. Story link.

Weight Down

Doug Weight, a player I have always admired, is going to have season-ending surgery on a torn rotator cuff. This means, at his age and his production levels, his career is likely done. He was never one of the best players in the league — though he was consistently one of the better ones — and someone of his experience and leadership qualities could have certainly been a great boon to a young Islanders team for another year. But, realities are realities, and he’s been having a terrible season up to now anyway. The chances of seeing him back on the ice next year, in my mind, are slim, if not even the Islanders are entertaining the notion. Story link.

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