Under Review: September 21–27

Updated: October 14, 2009 at 2:54 am by Stuart Thursby


From Russia With Pain

More health concerns in the KHL as Paul Kariya’s brother Martin suffered a concussion last week in a game. What’s worrying about it is the lackluster reaction by the medical staff of the building, not doing anything without being called on the PA and taking him off the ice in a tarp. While the riches and spoils of Russia might appeal to those looking for a quick buck, we can only hope that the sporadic shady things you hear about health and safety over in the KHL will be resolved ASAP. Story Link.

The Power of Home

Ovechkin and Malkin have come out pretty strongly in favour of playing for Russia in the 2014 Olympics, despite risking NHL sanctions to do so. While the issue won’t have to be actually addressed for several years, it’s good to see some players feeling so strongly about representing their home countries. In a league and world dominated by the almighty, such unwavering patriotic fervor is a refreshing dose of passion. Story Link.

Pat Burns’ Battle

Pat Burns has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time, this time an incurable attack on the lungs. Burns is a pretty big figure within the NHL community, and  its tremendously sad to hear that he’s been diagnosed a third time. However many times he’s been knocked around, though, his love for hockey has clearly kept him going. Here’s hoping he feels well enough soon to get back to doing what he loves. Story Link.

Fleury’s Dream Comeback Ends

Theo Fleury, the pint-sized 41-year-old who could, was cut by the Flames a few days ago and won’t be making the dream return to the NHL, or at least not with Calgary. We’ll hear from him on Monday about his next steps, and it may have been unrealistic to expect Theo to make a team like Calgary, but I was still pulling for him. That said, Claude Lemieux didn’t get called up to San Jose until midway through last season, so it’s never too late if Fleury can get into the AHL. Don’t give up the fight, Theo! Story Link.

Update: Theo Fleury Officially Retires from the NHL. I guess the dream’s over. All the best, Theo! Link.

And I Don’t Believe This Why?

Apparently, there are to be no new rules in the NHL this season, but referees are to call instigating more stringently. Right. Along with roughing, boarding, interference and any other number of calls the NHL has stated it will call tougher at the start of every season. Same old song and dance, we’ll see what it’s like come March. I get that interpretations might shift over time, and I don’t mind that, but stating that they’ll call things tougher and then gradually not doing so undermines the statements with each passing year. Either keep the calling consistent, NHL, or don’t bother to issue a press statement at all. Story Link.

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