David Perron to Return Saturday vs. Chicago

Updated: December 2, 2011 at 3:45 pm by Alexander Monaghan

Fantastic news on the injury front as David Perron will return to the lineup tomorrow. The Sherbrooke, Quebec native is expected to flank Chris Stewart and Patrik Berglund on the second line. Considering he scored five goals in 10 games last season, the scoring winger should be a nice source of goals if he fully recovers. Certainly not a bad gamble to take in deeper fantasy hockey leagues.

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UPDATE 11/18/11: According to Dan ONeill of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, via Twitter, David Perron shed his no-contact jersey for a gold one today, indicating he is cleared for contact. While this remains the next step in his recovery he still has no timetable for his return.

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UPDATE 9/29/11: Perron took yet another step in the right direction by passing his baseline tests. While still not able to take a hit or play in any games, the Sherbrooke native should be taking part in team practices as he continues his road to recovery. Again, here’s Jeff Quirin of NHLhotstove.com to give us the full details.

With the a successful baseline test in the books Perron can start escalating his training level from the light skating he’s been doing for nearly a month. A return date to NHL action is still unknown, but the trip down the right path continues. Now just to avoid speed bumps and the recurrence of post-concussion syndrome symptoms.

While Perron remains far away from returning, he just inched a little bit closer. Stay tuned for further updates on the high-potential forward.

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On November 4th, 2010, David Perron took a hit-to-the head from Joe Thornton. Almost 11 months later and the left wing has yet to play a single hockey game. However, his status took a turn for the best today, when the St. Louis Blues announced their young forward would return to the lineup.

Similar to the Sidney Crosby press conference of a few weeks ago, Perron will address the media this Monday. We would expect Perron to practice without any contact for the time being as he is just beginning his road to recovery. Nevertheless, his return is encouraging.

The 23-year-old seemed poised to breakout last season, scoring five goal and seven points over his first 10 games. When Thornton was suspended for his action, many questioned Perron and his status, citing his game winning goal later in the game. That goal would be his last for the season as he simply could not even participate in team practices.

Through all these tribulations, expect Perron to battle his way back into a NHL job. Blues blogger and podcaster Jeff Quirin feels he will take the process in stride even though he can’t wait to get back onto the ice. From NHLhotstove.com:

There is no possible way of knowing when Perron will play again, but it’s the top question on everyone’s mind. One thing is for sure, he wants to be back more than anyone else. The kid eats, sleeps, breathes, lives the game of hockey. But he also knows that the journey back to his life’s passion is far from over. Monday is just but another milestone marking the trials he has faced. Working himself back in to game shape will take precedent over all other tasks till he is ready for the next.

Quirin then continues to caution fans (and in this case fantasy hockey owners) to keep their expectations low.

As excited as all hockey fans are to see another return from the darkness of concussions, exercising a little caution is warranted. Let’s hear what Perron has to say and find out where his head is at before worrying about which contest will be his first in a long while.

With Ben Fanelli making his emotional return this weekend, the game of hockey could get another of their fallen returning from a head injury. Keep an eye out for the former 26th overall pick, he could be a sleeper if playing at 100 percent.

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