Brodeur needs at least 10 days rest

Updated: November 20, 2010 at 6:06 pm by Alexander Monaghan

According to Rich Chere of the Star Ledger, Brodeur will be out until early December:

That means he won’t be back until early December and will likely miss at least five games. The Devils play the Montreal Canadiens at home on Dec. 2, which is surely a game Brodeur will not want to miss.

Definitely not good news for the struggling Devils, who will likely continue to struggle without their starting goalie.

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During the second period last night Brodeur re-injured his right elbow.  He will try to rest the wound in order to not further aggravate it and will be reevaluated by a specialist in New Jersey.

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Brodeur will start tonight, as mentioned in our starting goalie section.

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If you watched last night’s game, the Devils probably would have been better served with Martin Brodeur between the pipes.  His backup, Johan Hedberg, gave up two goals in less than a minute with the latter of the two coming from a shot just inside the blue line.

Clearly Brodeur knows this and has started taking shots during practice.  This sign seems to point to a quick return from here this point on with an outside shot of him playing in their next game on Friday, November 12th when the Devils host the Edmonton Oilers.

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Johan Hedberg has been told he will play again tomorrow.  Brodeur still did not practice with the team today, however there are new lines.

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Brodeur did not practice but is still hopeful he can play on Wednesday, when the team hosts the Buffalo Sabres.  Today, he was unable to fully grip his stick which seems like a bad sign to say the least.  The veteran remains out with a bruised elbow.

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Despite Brodeur likely attempting to play tonight, Johan Hedberg will be the starting goalie for the New Jersey Devils tonight.  The decision was made during the morning skate with the hope that four days of rest will be enough for the elite netminder.

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Martin Brodeur left last night’s game after getting hit by a Patrick Kane wrist shot in the elbow. At first, the veteran starting goalie tried to stay in the game but left just minutes later after not being strong enough to play the puck.

When questioned by Tom Gulitti of The Record, Brodeur had this to offer:

“I just kind of got a stinger,” Brodeur said. “It hit me around – not the funny bone, but right around the bound with the nerve and I just kind of lost all the strength in my hand. I couldn’t hold a stick. I tried. I went to play the puck and it was weak.”

However, Brodeur is confident that he will be able to play on Friday:

“From past experience, with big bruises like that it usually takes me a couple of days to feel 100 percent,” he said. “But we’ll see how this one reacts. I’m pretty sure (he’ll be able to play Friday).”

Considering his workload, age and the last time he bruised his elbow it would shock me if he did not miss at least one game.  Nevertheless the injury does not seem serious enough for him to miss significant time.

Martin Brodeur, New Jersey Devils