Computer Picks: 02/04/2010–Get Your Popcorn Ready

Updated: April 2, 2010 at 3:39 am by Jeff Tay

In my opinion, the biggest difference between today’s set of NHL games and a majority of the other sets that have come and gone in recent weeks will be the fact that a lot of today’s games will actually involve teams who will at least try to give it all they’ve got. The most notable of these games will be the MTL/PHI and CGY/COL matchups, which will both involve teams fighting each other to get into the playoffs, but also noteworthy, will be the CHI/NJD matchup, in which both teams will be facing top-ranked opposition for the first time in a while. Meanwhile, the Rangers will also be playing with their backs against the wall,¬†while at the other end of the spectrum, Edmonton and Dallas will most likely be playing just to pad their offensive stats (or to “work on a few things”).

All-in-all, it might be rather clear where many of today’s teams’ motivations lie, and that should be a welcomed change for those of us who are looking to make predictions. See my ‘Team Status’ checkmarks for which way I will be leaning in each game.

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