Computer Picks: 02/04/2010–Get Your Popcorn Ready

Updated: April 2, 2010 at 3:39 am by Jeff Tay

In my opinion, the biggest difference between today’s set of NHL games and a majority of the other sets that have come and gone in recent weeks will be the fact that a lot of today’s games will actually involve teams who will at least try to give it all they’ve got. The most notable of these games will be the MTL/PHI and CGY/COL matchups, which will both involve teams fighting each other to get into the playoffs, but also noteworthy, will be the CHI/NJD matchup, in which both teams will be facing top-ranked opposition for the first time in a while. Meanwhile, the Rangers will also be playing with their backs against the wall, while at the other end of the spectrum, Edmonton and Dallas will most likely be playing just to pad their offensive stats (or to “work on a few things”).

All-in-all, it might be rather clear where many of today’s teams’ motivations lie, and that should be a welcomed change for those of us who are looking to make predictions. See my ‘Team Status’ checkmarks for which way I will be leaning in each game.

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