Computer Picks: 07/04/2010–The Last Survivor

Updated: April 7, 2010 at 5:12 am by Jeff Tay

With another loss, and another Boston Bruins win, the New York Rangers would officially become the final team to be eliminated from post-season eligibility (the Atlanta Thrashers would not make it in any event in which they tied Boston in points, thanks to their 0-3-1 record vs. Boston this season). With so many other teams out of it now though, we will probably begin to witness quite a few “meaningless” games over the next few days, which should mean less shot-blocking, less neutral-zone trapping, and more free-wheeling offense. It appears that we should start looking less at betting the sides, and focusing more on betting the totals over these final few days.

Then, after that, the real season begins.

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