Computer Picks: 08/04/2010–The 4 Day Plan

Updated: April 8, 2010 at 2:56 am by Jeff Tay

I am pretty sure that at this juncture of the season, there is actually very little point to running the Computer Picks system. As of 2AM ET there are only betting lines open for 4 out of 9 of this Thursday’s games anyway, and motivated teams from here on will also be at a premium. If Wednesday was any indication though, high-scoring games should be a little more commonplace over this final week of the regular season, and my personal plan over these next 4 days will actually be to focus solely on betting Overs.

My process: pick the game(s) that seem the most likely to be the highest scoring game(s) of the day, and take the Over(s) in those games.

For this Thursday, I’m thinking NYI/PIT and/or ANA/DAL.

As for the rest of the week, I’m thinking a couple of days off, and preparing for the playoffs. Tune in to Dailyfaceoff this Monday for Playoff Previews and other doodads, and in the meantime, enjoy the weekend (UFC should be a good show if the hockey isn’t).

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(I guess this game still matters, although I personally won’t be betting it)

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