Computer Picks: 17/04/2010–Round One, Day 4

Updated: April 17, 2010 at 6:18 am by Jeff Tay

The emotional roller coaster rides that were yesterday’s playoff games were an absolute joy to watch, unless you happened to end up on the wrong side of a result. As far as the scores, minus the empty-netters, have been concerned though, there hasn’t been a single non-competitive game yet in these playoffs, and we probably shouldn’t expect to see too many either going forward. As such, the term “easy money” should probably be banned from use for the remainder of this first round, and replaced with more sensible terms such as “small play” and “slight lean”.

The games have been wild and unpredictable, and even when the end results have turned out as expected, the prelude to these end results have been everything but ordinary.

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