Computer Picks: The Cheat Sheet

Updated: March 12, 2018 at 7:19 pm by Jeff Tay

If you’ve scrolled down far enough to see what’s there, you may have noticed a completely new look and format. This change came about for several reasons, but the best reason is probably the fact that it is much easier to look at and gain an overview of the entire NHL betting board at a glance. Another less visible change is also the way that bets will now be rated in relation to other available bets on the same day. Glance over the index to see what’s up, and then, scroll down to see the new ‘Cheat Sheet’ format of Computer Picks.  


All right, so highlighted in green are the day’s best bets, although every so often, the computer will pick underdogs that make you go “whaaa?”, simply for the so-called ‘value’. Let’s just see what’s on the menu, before we pick it apart though.

OK, goalies have been updated as of 4PM ET. Also, for an expanded cheat sheet (with a few extra numbers in it) which doesn’t fit on this page click here.

Philadelphia on the moneyline makes a lot of sense to me. Ottawa looks pretty reasonable as well. This CHI/LAK prediction is very, very flaky, as seen by the ‘statistical balance’. Basically, the computer is looking at Corey Crawford’s last 2 starts and is flipping out. I wouldn’t put too much into it.

I’m not crazy about any of these totals, not to mention the boosts from that I use for my video games. On the one hand, scoring in the NHL has taken a significant dip lately, but on the other hand do tired teams make for lazy defenses? Recent trends would suggest so.

See any good bets that I don’t see? Comment it up, yo. Also, tune in Monday for the next edition of the Cheat Sheet. That’s right, Monday (not next Saturday). This sucker is also much easier to post on a regular basis.