Daily Faceoff Fantasy League: Campbell Conference

Updated: September 29, 2009 at 2:39 am by Ryan Campbell

NHL_Campbell_ConferenceI would officially like to welcome Captain Roberto Luongo (it is ok to do that now because he is a captain in real life) to introduce the players of the inaugural Campbell Conference team.

Roberto : I am very excited to have signed a 12 year contract with such a talented team; it is definitely much better than the team they fielded in front of me in Vancouver.  Even though I am the captain I am not much of a talker, so I will just introduce the team and say that I am very excited to bring a championship back to the Campbell Conference.

















Draft Notes

A couple of notes regarding my team that I would like to share:

  • I considered taking Crosby at number two to shake things up.  This lasted for about 0.5 seconds before I realized that fantasy hockey is more fun if you actually like the players on your team.
  • I solidified my goaltending early, taking Luongo, Ward and Thomas in rounds 2, 5 and 7 respectively.  Goaltending consists of 4 of the 10 stats so if I can clean house in those I am sitting pretty.
  • I am pretty thin on left wing.  I have big expectations for Kunitz after he scored 18 points in 20 games for Pittsburgh, but Booth and Versteeg are replaceable.
  • With few sure things at right wing after the likes of Perry and Iginla, I went with high potential players.  Bobby Ryan could score 40 goals in a full season, Giroux should see significant time on the second line in Philadelphia, while Antropov and Knuble were two of my favourites thanks to their new linemates.
  • My centers tuned out ok, and will hinge on McDonald staying healthy and Brassard having a consistent full season.  I did not want to take a bunch of centers early in the draft when you can get quality guys much later on.  Krejci could be a steal at 83rd overall. 
  • Even though it is a high scoring group, I was a little disappointed in my defence.  Thanks to a lack of toughness among my forwards, I was counting on my D to support me in this category.  Unfortunately, after Chara and Pronger, no one fits that bill.
  • Overall, I am pretty happy with my team.  +/- and PIMS could be an issue, but it is impossible to be the best at every category.  The only team I foresee challenging me in net is Dup’s Troops, who drafted Brodeur, Fleury and Mason in the first six rounds. 

It promises to be an exciting year, and hopefully Captain Luongo can lead the boys to victory.

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