Draft Review: Penguins Trade for Rights to Hamhuis

Updated: June 28, 2010 at 12:49 am by Alexander Monaghan

The Pittsburgh Penguins traded a third-round pick to the Philadelphia Flyers for UFA defenseman Dan Hamhuis.

We were bullish on his offensive side finding a new home but thought he would be stuck in a similar situation in Philly to his most recent with the Nashville Predators.

With Sergei Gonchar likely to not re-sign with the team, Hamhuis could see an uptick in his offensive stats. Β Outside of Kris Letang, Hamhuis would be an upgrade to any defender on the team including the young Alex Goligoski. If the Pens can hammer out a contract before July 1st, keep him on his short list as a third or fourth defenseman.

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