How to Work the NHL Trade Deadline for Your Fantasy Hockey Team

Updated: October 12, 2011 at 3:22 pm by Chris Wassel

That is right ladies and gentlemen.  The 2011 Trade Deadline is just a couple days away.  Already there have been 22 trades since February 9th and countless players placed on waivers and many have cleared.  The names have been enough to fill a stats page full and potentially there are many more twists to come on Monday.

This weekend is now the calm before the storm.  There will be posturing like many hardly ever see except during two other times in the year — the FA Frenzy and the NHL Draft itself.  The Trade Deadline takes the prize however.  It is that time of year where hope again springs eternal as teams make their final adjustments toward that run for Lord Stanley’s Cup while some sell off and build for the future.

It happens in every fantasy keeper or dynasty league as well.  There are the teams that are going for the glory and the teams who are just trying to get a head start on next season.  We are going to quickly buzz through this and let the readers have their say in the comments section.

STEP 1:  Find some good people on Twitter to follow…

We kid you not here when we say this but the first thing to do if you cannot take the day off is to find a way to stream the coverage online via any means necessary or this year in particular Twitter.  There are people you need to follow on Twitter.  Here is our short list:

  • Bob MacKenzie
  • Kevin Allen
  • Craig Custance
  • Scott Cullen

Now many will say gee Chris, what is with the two fantasy guys?  Keep in mind, you are not only looking for trade information but you are also looking for the fantasy impact that comes with it.  Yes, we will be working with the fine folks at Power Scout Hockey but this short list should give you the timely information when needed.  Obviously there are many fine people on Twitter that can be followed.  This is just the quick list so your boss does not catch you type of thing.

Step 2:  Use hockey social media constructively

The key is to know what to use and where to go always.  Facebook can be a pretty good tool depending on who your friends are on there, along with email groups and various live chats that will be set up throughout the day and not just on TSN and other sources.

There will be excellent interaction with guests and fans alike.  Rumors will be tossed and trades will be broken down in a manner that is easy for everyone to get the information they need.  That is what it is all about.  It is essential not to bounce around all over the place because that is when you will indeed miss something important.  Nobody wants that to happen at all.

Early projections expect about 15-20 trades potentially on Trade Deadline Day.  One figures about 30-40 players will change addresses as well as quite a few prospects and picks.  That is why it is paramount to follow the right people to keep an eye on everything.  One missed move can spell fantasy doom, we kid you not.

STEP 3:  Watch a little TV or listen to some radio or internet radio.

The way media has splashed everywhere means one can find an almost unlimited array of methods to disseminate the information out there.  That sounded like a mouthful, well the statement is quite true.  TSN and NHL Network will have their shows and yes Versus will have one as well.  There are your TV baselines for optimal trade deadline coverage.

Now to dig into the internet radio and radio market, just search out XM Home Ice first and foremost.  Unless you live in a hockey market where a radio station covers it well, then XM Home Ice is your best bet.  They provide a very solid coverage that gets to the bottom line without wasting too much of your time.

The Fantasy Sports Channel on Sirius/XM will also help you out as well.  They are expected to have a trade deadline show on Monday Afternoon to keep you covered.  However, as of press time, it was not known if it would be an hour block or two or three.

Do not worry fantasy hockey fans, for The Program will have you covered with a Trade Deadline eve show at 8pm ET and a Trade Deadline Day show from 3-5pm ET on Blog Talk Radio.  The folks from Hockey Primetime will be on from 1-4pm ET and they will be working with us feeding information and most importantly helping you with one critical thing.

What is that?  Well your fantasy hockey team of course.  The show will take the trade deadline and turn it from a fantasy perspective.  Players moving and what impacts they could make with their new teams, potential new line combos, and the whole enchilada.

If you want to win your fantasy hockey leagues or just compete or know how rebuilding may affect you now, then come to us and the Daily Faceoff for the latest.

Hopefully this helps and good luck in your leagues this weekend as Week 20 transitions into Week 21.  Keep those trade proposals coming and next week expect a double column.  Now let those comments rain down!!

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