How To Weather “The Weather”?

Updated: January 27, 2011 at 4:42 pm by Chris Wassel

Today we take a look at the weather (in two ways) and how it can impact your fantasy hockey experience.  The first question that is immediately asked is how can weather actually impact your fantasy hockey experience?  Well it has many profound and obvious ways of doing so.

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic or the Northeast or regions where snow just seems to be so much more prevalent than usual this Winter, you can understand why I am writing a “How To” about this.  This will be a shorter column than most but its quite vital to fantasy hockey success or failure in this regard.

You cannot play fantasy hockey if you do not have access to a computer, cell phone, or anything that accesses the internet.

It is such an obvious statement.  Yet this is so very true.  In order to change your rosters and all that normal daily fantasy business, one has to actually be on the internet or a phone or an etc, etc, etc.  if for whatever reason, a storm knocks power out or your Wi-Fi is on the fritz, you are SOL (which means S**T Out of Luck) for those scoring at home.

So what if that big bad winter storm takes out everything or a mysterious Eastern grid sized blackout takes place?  Well then you have to plan for some contingencies.  Here is what you can do:

1. Have a Fantasy Hockey Disaster Preparedness Kit

God this sounds absolutely insane I know.  But say you are in a high stakes money league where wins are crucial and you need that winning week to make the playoffs and you cannot access the internet, what do you do?  LOSE?  Hell no. The key in any fantasy league is to win.  One cannot win if they cannot access their team.  So what does a Fantasy Hockey Disaster Preparedness Kit include?  Well how about the following:

  • Names, emails and social media addresses of friends
  • A basic what to do list for one’s team
  • A basic rundown of how the league works
  • What to do if a trade offer comes in…..
  • And of numbers of league members, etc.

Why on Earth is this important one may ask?  For starters, losing access to your team for even several days can break a week and who knows it that one week could make a difference or not.  In cases like these, it usually always does.  Even have a list of handy waiver pick-ups should injury needs arise.

This is not meant for free leagues really but if you are playing in a $500 league, one does not want to mess around.  It is serious business.

2. Simply relax……

If you have #1, you will be plenty ready for #2 here.  Never panic under any circumstance.  Fantasy owners cannot see you sweat in a league because they will smell the blood churning in the water so to speak.  The minute you show fear, you lose any kind of leverage at all.

Now a seasoned fantasy veteran is more relaxed than most.  Is that true?  No that is actually a myth.  Toss a stress laden situation into the equation and there will be times where the vet acts just like a newbie.  Just hang on tight and then EXHALE.  If only Gilad from “Bodies In Motion” was here, he would tell you the same exact thing.

Now about that weather……

Oh my.  How can the weather actually affect the players which then impacts you?  Well here is how.

  1. Flight and transportation delays
  2. Poor performance
  3. Injuries and illness

Please note that the third option is the most dire.  Injuries and illness often result from a combination of factors including the rigors of traveling plus condensed and retracted scheduling, and lastly the players own ability to recoup and fight off illnesses or heal from minor problems.

The inclement weather and constant weather changes take a toll on players and then you add in training and practice regiments and you have the makings for the real reason why so many injuries have occurred in the National Hockey League.

This last thing is the most important piece of advice I can give you.

Check schedules for your players…….

My god!  If you are serious about excelling, this is a must do.  There really is little explanation other than this is common sense and something that should be done already.  If you want to dominate, just use that noggin and get the job done.  Simply doing what has to be done now will save you headaches later.

With that we bid adieu until next week.  If you have any questions at all, just comment away or send us a tweet @TheProgramBTR.  Good luck in all of your fantasy leagues, enjoy the All Star Break, and see you next week.

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