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Updated: April 4, 2017 at 9:31 am by Brock Seguin


Hey there! Since 2012 I’ve been bringing you fine folks daily Fantasy Hockey updates, but starting this week I will also be bringing the world daily Fantasy Baseball updates.

The NHL’s October-to-April NHL schedule fits nearly perfectly with the April-to-October MLB schedule, so fantasy sports has become a full-time job for me.

DailyDugout is the MLB equivalent of DailyFaceoff, carrying all of you basic Fantasy Baseball needs-Projected Starting pitchers, Starting Lineups for every game, team’s bullpens, player updates (Injuries, Call-ups, Trades, etc.), weather updates and Fantasy advise articles.

Over the course of the season I plan on adding new and exciting features that will help you win in fantasy baseball, whether it is a year-long league or the ever-growing daily fantasy contests. If you have something you would love to see added to the website, please feel free to leave it in the comment section below.

One of the coolest part about DailyFaceoff is you. You’re like a community. There is a discussion at the bottom of every page that never ends. People helping people, the way the world should be. I want to create that at Daily Dugout as well. To find a Disqus section like DailyFaceoff, visit the Starting Lineups page—it will be on all pages eventually.

Starting Pitchers

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Pretty self explanatory. Here you will find all of the Probable Pitchers for that given day as well as the current weather in the Home city. You can get an comprehensive hourly forecast here as well.

Starting Lineups

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.58.20 PM

This page will be continuously updated everyday. It consists of every team’s lineup and the lineup that they will face that day. At DailyFaceoff I was able to get news on the site as soon as it came out, that will be the bread and butter of DailyDugout as well–speed and accuracy.

Team Pages

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Each team’s page will consist of their lineup and defensive lineup for that game, but you can also see their full roster, find player news for just that team and find lineups for past games.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.59.35 PM

It also has their starting rotation and when each pitcher is scheduled to start next and the key members of their bullpen and whether or not they are available for that night’s game.

Player Pages

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.15.33 PM

You can find his stats from this season, including how they perform at home/road and vs. lefties/righties. All of that player’s news will be stored here too.

Player Updates

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.57.26 PM

You can find all of the most recent player updates. Whether it is an injury, a contract extension, a trade, a call-up, a demotion… it will all be here!

I hope you guys like my latest project and let’s make it as big of a success as DailyFaceoff is. Keep in mind, I am just getting this site off of the ground now and there will be additions as the year goes on. I look forward to getting to know those of you I don’t already know.

Play ball!

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Brock has been the Editor-In-Chief of since the start of the 2012-13 season, the Host of the DFO Podcast since 2015 and Editor-In-Chief of DailyDugout since the 2017 season.
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