It’s in the Air, Fantasy Hockey Fans…

Updated: September 21, 2011 at 10:22 am by Chris Wassel

Just like Teemu Selanne, we are back!

By Chris Wassel
Associate Editor

Wow so we are indeed back for another season of excitement here on Like Teemu Selanne, this really was not a tough decision.  It is a great resource for fantasy fans and frankly I am just humble to be a part of the family.

Simply we are back here because the fans wanted it.  One of the biggest things that anyone can enjoy is seeing a person that you helped to fantasy glory and even better, they did not have to pay a dime.  We are all in this together and the goal is the same, to rock the fantasy league and finish either in the money or with some serious bragging rights.  Why else would you join, right?  Right!

There are no amount of fancy statistics in of themselves that can help you win.  It comes down to YOU.  Sure there are industry behemoths and the such but the bottom line is always the one that you stare in the mirror every single morning.

While we watch some of the fine preseason hockey tonight, it got me thinking in particular.  What would you like to see on Daily Faceoff?  Besides the “How To” columns I will be doing, there will be a few new things coming on the site in the near future.  Fantasy Hockey ONE will be available in October as we give fantasy hockey fans a little dish for their fantasy day.

Just think more is coming along the pipeline.  Our rapid 30 minute fantasy hockey show Weekly Slapshot premieres tonight and will come at you Tuesdays at 9:30pm ET while The Program fires away for 2 hours from now until the Stanley Cup is awarded.  We are ready to answer any and all questions and as always, you can follow us via Twitter @TheProgramBTR.

Combine that with the usual articles, posts, and resources that you get from, and we hope this 2011-12 season is the best one ever for you and your fantasy hockey team.  Never hesitate to ask us the toughest of questions and we will bring our best answers and insight.  The season gets started in 16 days and drafts are really beginning in earnest.  Good luck everyone.

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