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Updated: February 22, 2014 at 4:16 pm by Brock Seguin

If you go to the yellow “Olympic Hockey” tab at the top of the page and click “Play Go for the Gold” you will be directed to the pool page. After that you simply sign in and click the “Your Standings” link and from there you will see your team and how you are doing overall. Do not forget that 1st Place takes home $200 cash and an autographed Corey Perry Ducks jersey! Good Luck to all and GO CANADA!


On top of all of our Olympic coverage, we here at DailyFaceoff and TheNationNetwork have given our fans an opportunity to continue playing Fantasy Hockey throughout the Olympic break FOR FREE!

Over the years we have given you all the tools and advice necessary to dominate your NHL fantasy leagues, but do you have what it takes to dominate at the International Level?

The league is a ‘Box Pool’. If you are unfamiliar with Box Pools let me help you.

There are 16 boxes with four players in each box. Each box has players of equal (or close to equal) skill level. You must pick ONE player from EACH box to create a team of 16 players. Below is a sneak peak of two of the boxes. 





Your team of 16 players will go up against everyone else’s team of 16 players and the team who wins, takes home the GRAND PRIZE!!!

Ouuu, Grand Prize, now I have you attention eh? (Yeah I said EH? GO CANADA!) The winner will take home an autographed Corey Perry Anaheim Ducks jersey and $200 in CASH!


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