Keeping Karlsson (Podcast) – Changing Trains

Updated: December 8, 2014 at 1:46 pm by Brock Seguin


The Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast’s time on air gets a bump but our players discussed per 60 minutes stays constant on our 42nd edition of the show.

Shifting and evolving goalie tandems around the league are a running theme in our headlines, along with a couple injuries throwing a couple already-chaotic line combinations into further instability. Elan and Brian also deflate the tires of a centermanwe pumped up last week, break our deafening silence on a leading Calder candidate, have a look beyond the stars and into¬†Detroit’s depth, and get on and off the trains belong to a couple up-and-down defensemen.

In outjury discussion, Elan forces Brian to re-rank the top tier of defensemen, and we officially add a couple more to the company of Karlsson, Weber, and Subban.

We also look at a handful players who woke up just in time to avoid earning the dreaded Keeping Karlsson snoozer label, though not all are able to escape such fate.

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