Keeping Karlsson (Podcast) – Let’s Make the Headlines

Updated: November 3, 2014 at 9:09 am by Brock Seguin


This week’s episode of Keeping Karlsson begins with headlines,followed by headlines, and then we enter into a headlines segment before finishing it off with players of note and ourpatented lightning round.

We mention a goalie on whom the bravest poolies will think about selling high, a much-maligned star who will absolutely break out of an uncharacteristic slump, a buzzy top prospect that’s quickly hit a wall, a young line whose members are all producingat an impressive rate, budding(?) goalie controversies, and a couplegood candidates to fill a low-stakes rotating roster spot on your fantasy team.

Brian also cops to a possible team-management mistake, though that’s shortly after a very firm and righteous told-you-so regarding one of our most-queried about players on twitter this week.

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