Marchand will not face Supplemental Discipline for Incident with Eller

Updated: October 4, 2018 at 3:38 pm by Dylan Berthiaume

Brad Marchand will reportedly not face any discipline for his controversial fight against Lars Eller on Wednesday. The fight seemed to have been instigated by Marchand, considering he started throwing punches before Eller’s gloves were off.

The blows left a nasty cut on Eller’s forehead and drew comparison to Max Domi’s sucker punch on Aaron Ekblad in the preseason. Domi was suspended for the remainder of the preseason but no regular season games.

Eller provoked the ire of Marchand when he celebrated his goal that gave the Capitals a 7-0 lead. Marchand admitted to going after Eller to prove a point.

“His celebration was unnecessary,” Marchand told reporters. “He took an angle in front of our bench and celebrated in a 7-0 game. So I just let him know.”

Bruins’ head coach Bruce Cassidy supported Marchand in his vigilantism.

“I think Eller celebrated a little on a 7-0 goal,” Cassidy told reporters. “I think that’s his prerogative and Marchy let him know that that’s not acceptable. That’s that and we move on.”

Marchand was also interested in moving on from the Bruins’ disastrous start to the season.

“It’s [expletive] one game,” said Marchand. “It’s nothing. We’ll let it go and worry about tomorrow.”

As some were quick to point out, it is somewhat ironic Marchand would be the one to enforce the unwritten rules of hockey.

The Capitals and Bruins won’t meet again until January 10 in Boston.


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