Most Likely to Succeed: St. Louis Blues

Updated: September 20, 2010 at 1:00 am by Alexander Monaghan

Most likely to Succeed is our newest series which points out one player from every team and explains why that player is poised to increase their point totals. While some teams may have more than one player likely to breakout and some none, we will focus on the ones who actually should improve with a full healthy season. File this article under a sleeper-type but sleepers would not be called that if people saw them coming.

The St. Louis Blues made one of the boldest moves of the offseason by trading for Jaroslav Halak.  Over the past few years the market for netminders has shrunk making two good prospects in Ian Schultz and Lars Eller look like a haul for just one incredibly talented goalie.

Keep the word talent in the front of your mind.

Talent dictated his team’s finish in the playoffs. ┬áTalent dictated his team’s finish in the Olympics. ┬áTalent stole the job from the lovechild of Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy (Carey Price). ┬áTalent from this one goalie seemed to be the reason we saw upsets last season.

Halak holds the potential to lead the Blues back to the playoffs and can still be had at a decent round.  Like his NHL team, you will take a gamble.  A very talented one.

Read more about my thoughts on Halak here and draft him with confidence.

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