Pick tonight’s NHL game winners with StreakCred

Updated: October 4, 2013 at 12:45 am by Wanye Gretz

Hello, new best friends that read DailyFaceoff.com.  It’s your new pal Wanye from the Nation Network. As we announced earlier in the week we are mega pumped to now include DailyFaceoff as a part of the Nation Network and look forward to bringing more fantasy hockey content of all types to this site.

We consider ourselves the league leaders in internet hockey nerdery and look forward to developing a great many new things in this space.  DailyFaceoff.com is now the 7th site in our network, which includes:

In addition to blogging like crazy, putting out podcasts by the truckload and screaming at one another on the twitterz we also have our own games to play for prizes and in support of charity.  And that what I am pumping here today – StreakCred.com.

StreakCred a pretty fun game we cooked up last season when the lockout ended. On any given night you pick the winning team of as many games as you want and the longest winning streak of the month and the season win some sick prizes including signed sticks and jerseys and other excitement. Prizes go to the longest streak every month and the most games correctly picked. Even CRAZIER prizes go to the longest streaks of the season.

Nation Network HQ is in Edmonton and we have nothing better to do than cook up games like this. And for those of you going “oh great I hope this idiot doesn’t ruin this website with his non funny gibberish articles” the easy answer is “don’t worry. You will rarely hear from me. We are here to make this site even better.”