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Rating: 74.9#26 RW

Carolina Hurricanes

NHL CapHit: $5,250,000 Puckpedia Profile

"A year ago I could do it, now I want to do it," says Niederreiter. Last season, he could play the first nine games with the Islanders, then they sent him back to Portland.

Niederreiter sounds confident in his ability to make the team but will need to knock an established NHL player out of the way to do so. In his nine-game stint last season, the rookie posted a goal and an assist.

Source: Lighthouse Hockey 09/19/11, 10:03 am EST

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Nino Niederreiter (Chances of being around on Opening Day: 45%)- Here is where it starts to get tricky. Fans would love to have El Nino playing wing on Opening Day. I'm sure Garth Snow would love to have Nino in the Opening Day lineup as well.

The 5th overall pick has nothing left to prove at the WHL level but the Islanders would probably prefer not to rush their bluechip prospect.

Source: Lighthouse Hockey 09/18/11, 1:53 pm EST

Nino Niederreiter's Jersey