Roberto Luongo steps down as captain, effectively avoiding blame

Updated: September 14, 2010 at 9:19 pm by Alexander Monaghan

If the Vancouver Canucks lose this season in the playoffs, Roberto Luongo will no longer need to shoulder the blame.  In fact, by stepping down he can simply tunnel-vision his lone responsibilities between the pipes.

His statistics, fantasy-wise, have not been much worse than his career averages.  If you factor in his lowly years with the New York Islanders and Florida Panthers, his averages as the team captain come in under his career totals.

The idea is that without the additional pressure of managing the team, arguing with refs leading the team he will perform even better.  As far as my teams are concerned he would be a solid option in the first round, but like most GMs this offseason conveyed– this year is not the right year to spend on goalies.

Roberto Luongo, Vancouver Canucks