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Updated: November 28, 2016 at 2:26 pm by Brock Seguin


Today, I am ecstatic to announce that DailyFaceoff has teamed up with to bring you exclusive daily projections!

The projections are matchup-specific, and are great for fantasy, daily fantasy, prop bet analysis and more. Every player in action each day is included in the projections, and you can find them all on the Daily Player Projections page.

SaberSim utilizes a Corsi-based simulation model. Each game is simulated 10,000 times, and each individual player’s projection is the average of his numbers from those simulated games. For example, if Patrick Kane scores 5,000 goals in 10,000 simulated games, then his goal projection that day is 0.50.

The simulator runs each game shift-by-shift, and the simulated games operate just as normal hockey games do including powerplays, empty-net situations, and overtime. The simulator takes into account the exact line combinations and confirmed goalies for that current day, as well as the effects of home ice, back-to-back games, and more.

Check out the projections for today’s games now by clicking HERE.

SaberSim’s daily projections will be featured on DailyFaceoff for FREE each day, but to access SaberSim’s comprehensive DFS Lineup Creation Tools as well as Game Projections, Betting Odds Analysis and Prop Bet Analyzer you will need to head over to and sign up today! 


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