Sergei Gonchar Ends Ties with Pittsburgh

Updated: July 1, 2010 at 12:36 pm by Alexander Monaghan

Today, the Ottawa Senators signed free agent defenseman to a three-year deal with a 5.5 million annual cap hit. At 36-years-old the contract definitively counts under the 35+ rule, meaning even if Gonchar retires or is demoted he will count against the cap.

This past season the veteran missed 20 games after missing all but 25 the season before. In short, he is old and an injury risk.

Some things, however, cannot be taught.

Like his uncanny way of producing points on the powerplay regardless of age or supporting cast. He eclipsed 10 goals and 50 points in four of his five seasons in Pittsburgh, which may have been helped by his star studded supporting cast.

Look for at least a 10/40 season in Ottawa if he can manage to stay healthy but do not overpay on draft day– his injury concerns simply do not warrant the price of a top five or ten offensive defenseman.

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