The Cheat Sheet: April 8th, 2011

Updated: April 8, 2011 at 2:55 am by Jeff Tay

Gather around hockey fans and devoted gamblers, it’s time for our daily meeting before we go off and make some potentially regrettable decisions with our money. Today on the docket: 10 games, sorted into Gold picks, Silver Picks, Bronze Picks, and black lumps of coal.

Let’s see how today’s numbers break down, using the trusty database-recall system.

Friday’s Sheet:

– For me, the intriguing matchup of the day is Chicago at Detroit. The Blackhawks haven’t looked the same ever since Patrick Sharp went down in March (they’ve averaged 2.00 goals per game over the 8 game stretch), but they do appear to match-up very well with Detroit. For the most part, CHI/DET games this season have been up and down affairs with plenty of chances at both ends, and in the last 3 meetings, the Blackhawks have used their speed (and their PP) to punish the Red Wings for playing this style of game with them. Detroit seldom changes their style–they shoot A LOT, and they get shot on A LOT in return. If this is the type of game to expect again, then I’m gonna have to lean Blackhawks.

Agree with the Gold pick? Disagree with it? See a betting line on the board that seems wrong? You know what to do (fill up the comment section).