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Old Man Winter, 47-year-old Chris Chelios, is lacing ’em up this year for the Chicago Wolves of the AHL. The dude’s ancient and still showing up people half his age, so why not follow the guy as he buses around the A?

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The Chellinator
The Chellinator

First, a couple stats.

Name: Chris Chelios

Number: 7

Birthdate: January 25, 1962. (NINETEEN SIXTY TWO!)

Second-oldest Chicago Wolves player: Manny Legace, born in 1973. That’s 11 years. What happened 11 years ago from now (2009)? The Monica Lewinsky scandal. That’s a damn long time.

On October 20th, Chelly officially signed with the Chicago Wolves of the AHL. Though his contract doesn’t include rights for the Atlanta Thrashers, the NHL affiliate of the Wolves, his expressed intent (according to the all-knowing Wikipedia) is to return to the NHL. So far he’s started two games for the Wolves, recording two assists, 0 PIMs and a +4 rating.

His first game back, Chicago lost 1-0 in a shootout to the Manitoba Moose, but his second game went a bit better, as the Wolves layed the smack down against Abbotsford (didn’t know they had an AHL team) 7-1. Not bad for someone almost 2 and a half times the age of those he’s playing alongside.

He even got a lengthy article on written about him. Delightful. Link.


Hell, Chelly even landed a spot on the Chicago Wolves home page for ticket sales! Charming.

This Week In Chellyland: Chicago is playing Rockford at home on Wednesday night, followed up by a game in Texas on Halloween night before playing Rockford at home, again, on Sunday. Looking for another 2 pts/game from the Dude.


Can’t get enough Chellinator? Then carry your half-his-age ass over to the Chicago Wolves website.

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