The New Comments Section

Updated: September 11, 2019 at 3:26 pm by Facing Off

Coming soon to DailyFaceoff is a brand new commenting section for a brand new NHL season. In order to add a little bit more interaction to the site, we’ve upgraded our commenting platform to include more avenues to express yourself and let the writers know what you think. But don’t worry, you won’t need to make a new login or anything like that as your current username and password will still work as always.

Article voting

One of our favourite parts of the new commenting system is the ability to vote on articles. Shown above are the votes for one of the articles from our sister site Oilersnation, and, as you can see, the reaction is fairly split. Personally, we enjoy the idea of giving everyone another way to interact with the site and give an opinion on the content that’s being posted, and article voting certainly scratches that itch. For all of us, keeping the readers involved and engaged is incredibly important and we hope that voting is something everyone can have a bit of fun with.

Comment Sorting:

Another new toy that everyone will be able to play with is the ability to sort comments however you please. Since commenting on this site launched, we’ve always had the oldest comments displayed first, but here in 2019, that’s up to you to decide. Whether you’re looking for the newest comments, top-rated comments, or want to leave things as they always have been then you have the power to make that happen. Want to see most replied? Das coo, baby. Most upvotes? Make it happen. My point here is that the new commenting system gives you more freedom to make that section of the page your own, and I think that’s a pretty cool little add.

Edit button:

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we’ve added in an edit button to make sure that the accidental typos and misspellings won’t be attached to your name forever. After posting a comment, you will now see the edit feature (shown above) that will allow you to update or amend your post as you see fit. That said, once a comment has been edited, you will see a note displaying that changes have been made.