The seven multi-positioned forwards

Updated: September 5, 2010 at 7:00 pm by Alexander Monaghan

Yahoo! has been notoriously bad a changing the positions for players.  Last season TJ Oshie played almost the entire year at right wing yet still was listed as a center.  We made a big deal out of Patrick Sharp receiving all three positions, but he played at least 20 games at wing before shedding the only center value, or lack there of.

This season, seven forwards have been chosen to officially play two positions, lets break them down:

  • Dany Heatley will get both RW and LW after playing one position all of his career and then the other on one of the best lines in hockey.  His versatility only adds to his value as a fringe first round pick.
  • The Columbus Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash also gets dual-wing treatment.  Last season he moved to the right side in order to generate more offense.  Of course, his team finished around the bottom of the league in goals which led us to believe it did not.  Regardless, the goal scorer adds a little value even though his team projects for mediocrity once more.
  • Former captain of the Sharks Patrick Marleau also carries two positions: center and left wing.  Like Heatley he played one position (center) his entire career before playing a new position for almost the entire season (left wing).  He remains a safe bet to score when considering how deep his team is up front; expect more of the same.
  • At one time Patrik Elias played top line for the New Jersey Devils.  Nowadays the Devils seem locked on their first line with no firm role for their former captain Elias.  The Czech native could be moved between center and left wing and the second and third lines for the second straight season.  Most of his value comes in deeper leagues, he remains a fringe player in standard leagues.
  • Sharp loses his right wing eligibility somehow, even though he played that position almost all of next year.  With Patrick Kane and Marian Hossa both firmly entrenched on the right side it makes sense.  You know our opinion on Sharp, his O-Rank remains astounding.
  • Tyler Ennis looks like the dark horse on the Buffalo Sabres; probably why we chose him as most likely to succeed.  The left wing credit really helps us further want to take the gamble.  His skill translates to big time NHL numbers despite his size, a very easy low-risk, high reward pick.
  • If Tyler Kennedy did not have left wing as well as center eligibility he would not be mentioned here.  Last October he potted five goals in 11 games but his potential seems limited.  He rarely plays with either of the big two centers which stunts his development past a 10-15 goal scorer.

This article has been written as of 9/5/2010, any corrections to the Yahoo! games would be after the fact and extremely welcomed.  We hope we help out with every fantasy GM’s team as we look forward to another great hockey season.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @dailyfaceoff for up-to-the-minute updates.

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